Lowongan Kerja..

Lowongan Kerja

Sabtu,05 Sep 2015 By redaksi

Three female part time staff needed for Graceland Capital s Preventive Healthcare programme:

Requirements and details:

  1. Candidate must be currently studying at Universitas Panca Budi as a Degree/ Masters student.
  2.  Decent appearance
  3. Native Bahasa Indonesia fluency and basic English fluency
  4. The job involves communicating with event participants before the event, and being an event concierge on the day of event.
  5. Work 5 days (total about 20 hours) between the dates of 14th - 29th September. Candidate must be available for a full day on the 29th of September for event concierge purposes
  6. The pay will be Rp. 1.000.000 for the entire engagement
  7. Interview will be done at Universitas Panca Budi Campus on the 6th of September. Further details to be communicated to shortlisted applicants. If you are interested, please drop an email to Mr. Wan at wa.muthalib@gmail.com with your CV and photo, or WhatsApp at +60147315389

Tiga mahasiswi diperlukan untuk program Kesehatan Preventif Graceland Capital:

Requirements and details:

  1. Kandidat mesti mahasiwa Univ Panca Budi.
  2. Penampilan sopan dan menarik.
  3.  Lancar berbahasa Indonesia dan basic English.
  4. Tugas dan fungsi antara lain berkomunikasi via telefon dengan peserta sebelum event serta penerima tamu sewaktu event.
  5. Jam kerja berkisar total 20 jam, dari tgl 14 – 29 September. Kandidat wajib hadir di tanggal 29 September untuk menjadi penerima tamu di acara.
  6. Upah Rp. 1.000.000
  7. Interview akan diadakan di Kampus Universitas Panca Budi di tanggal 6 September. Informasi lanjut akan dikabarkan ke siswi yang masuk dalam daftar shortlist. Kalau tertarik, boleh email Mr. Wan di wa.muthalib@gmail.com dengan foto dan CV, atau WhatsApp ke +60147315389